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Optimise your investment experience with Wealth Simplifier & Super Simplifier.

Wealth Simplifier

Grow your wealth using a low cost, transparent and flexible investment platform that provides you with easy access whenever you need it via a Client Portal.


The client owns all their assets in their own name.

Automatic ROA to Market Trades

Electronic signing of the recored of advice (ROA) document for more timely abd mobile access.

Scalable portfolio tailoring

Use individual client rules to provide best treatment - Get the most of out of your investment.


Your super monies can make a big difference to your retirement lifestyle, so make sure it’s well looked after. With your Super Simplifier member account, you and your Financial Adviser have the flexibility to decide how these monies are invested to best meet your investment and retirement needs.

Get access to ASX300 listed securities, ETFs, managed funds and term deposits. You also have the option to arrange an off-market (in specie) transfer of shares in and out of your account.

Your employer can make contributions directly to your Super Simplifier account, and amounts can also be transferred in from other super funds. Keep all your super together to easily invest, track and keep costs down.

The Super Simplifier cash account interest rate is expected to be the official cash rate minus 80 basis points.

Adding to your super is also simple! You can make contributions via bank transfer or regular contributions via a direct debit arrangement. Super contribution rules can be complex, so you should speak with your financial adviser if you intend to add more to your super account.

For Financial Advisers, click here to find out more.


While you’ve been working hard, your Super Simplifier super account has been too! Now that you’re ready to ease into retirement or retire fully, you can convert your Super Simplifier account into a Pension account. This means you can elect to draw a regular income from your Super savings, so you can work less (or not at all) and enjoy more.

There are two types of pensions available:

  • an Account Based Pension – where you’re only subject to a statutory minimum amount that you must be paid each year; or
  • a Transitional to Retirement (TTR) Pension – where you must be paid between a statutory minimum and maximum amount.

With both types of pensions, you can choose the amount you receive between the minimum and maximum if any, and how often you receive these payments. Please discuss your options with your Financial Adviser.

Just like your Super account, your Pension account continues to be just as flexible, transparent, and invested the way you and your Financial Adviser has agreed.

Insurance NEW!

Super Simplifier insurance is to provide you with the option of obtaining cover to help ensure that you and your family are financially secure in the event of a serious injury, illness or death. Super Simplifier insurance is optional.

Your adviser can provide you with information relating to the insurance options that are right for you, with Super Simplifier offering Life and terminal illness, TPD, and Income Protection cover.

These types of insurance can protect your financial position should certain health or death event occurs.

Please speak to your Financial Adviser about your insurance needs.

For Financial Advisers, click here to find out more.

About the Investment Platform

Auto-rebalancing at your fingertips

Rebalancing your clients’ portfolios shouldn't be your biggest burden, it should be one of your biggest value adds!

DASH Platform allows you to easily identify all of your clients’ portfolios that are sitting outside their risk profile and tolerances, and then rebalance them all in bulk. Our bulk auto-rebalance functionality is one of many ways that DASH investment and super platforms puts you in control while automating the legwork.

MDA or ROA - the choice is yours to make for each of your clients. You can filter which clients you want to handle personally and send the rest their ROA via DocuSign (no DocuSign license required).

Trades are executed automatically, intra-day upon acceptance of authority to proceed. Reminders are also sent to your clients if they haven’t signed yet.

Introducing the DASH Client Portal

We understand the importance of providing your clients with a seamless and dynamic portfolio reporting experience. Our native Android and iPhone application offers a clean and nimble interface, ensuring your clients can effortlessly navigate, track, and access all their investments in one centralised location.

Discover the benefits of our Client Portal:

All-in-one portfolio management solution: Our Client Portal serves as a comprehensive portfolio management solution, consolidating all investment information into a single, user-friendly platform. Say goodbye to scattered reports and cumbersome spreadsheets – with DASH, your clients can access a holistic view of their portfolios with ease.

Effortless navigation and tracking: Our intuitive interface makes it a breeze for clients to navigate through their investments. They can effortlessly track the performance of individual assets and gain valuable insights into their overall portfolio health.

Up-to-date secure portfolio access on your mobile: We understand the need for real-time information in today's fast-paced world. With our Client Portal, your clients can enjoy secure, up-to-date access to their portfolios anytime, anywhere, directly from their mobile devices.

Direct communication with advisers: Foster a strong client-adviser relationship with our Client Portal's built-in communication features. Clients have the ability to directly interact and communicate with their advisers. This seamless connection ensures transparency, trust, and a superior client experience.

Model Managers

DASH supports financial advisers by providing access to both the assets that are in best interests of the client as well as specialists in investment management who provide models and research and investment committee participation.

Our Model Manager and Asset consultants provide these services to advisers using DASH services.

Best of Breed MDA Investment Series

Bringing a professional overlay to your client experience.

At DASH we are focused on making your life easier and putting advisers and their clients’ first. If you don’t want to build your own models, we’ve brought together the who is who in managed accounts to do it for you!

Investment solutions

Our comprehensive wealth management solutions offers features such as portfolio management, financial planning tools, and performance reporting, empowering financial advisers to deliver personalised advice and holistic financial solutions.

Advanced technology also enables efficient client communication and collaboration, allowing you to stay connected with your clients, share real-time information, and provide timely updates on portfolio performance.

Seamlessly integrate your financial planning software with your investment platform using some of the best solutions from our Advice Marketplace.

Advice Marketplace

See how you can deliver superior advice using best of breed vendors in our Advice Marketplace.
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Harnessing innovation for enhanced client satisfaction

Meet James Gerrard, the visionary behind, dedicated to delivering quality financial advice to more Australians. With a strong focus on innovation, James has successfully propelled his business forward, providing efficient and effective services to his growing client base.

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Hear from your peers

"With DASH we’re able to move very quickly and ensure every portfolio is optimised across a large client base. It’s orderly, process-driven and was made easy to implement through professional support."

Keith Bensley, Future Assist

"DASH enables us to manage our clients’ portfolios in a systemised way. It reduces implementation time because we don’t have to trade manually any more, it’s all automatic. Nothing is ad hoc, and everything is on one system."

Steve Woodford, Frontier Financial Group

"DASH's managed account and SMSF solutions have helped us deliver best outcomes for our low and high balance clients."

Nigel Baker, Arch Capital

"Thanks to the DASH team for creating such great products. They were able to swiftly use our API for life insurance product comparisons and create a useful web application in no time - these are software developers you can count on."

Trishanth Chandrahasan - CSO

“I found DASH after trying many different software solutions, which all were trying to be ‘the one’ solution. DASH has been great as I can connect the software I need and build the advice software which works for me. The support has been excellent and the fact that I can import my Astute Wheel data straight into DASH to then use in the SOA and ROA has saved me significant amounts of time per client, as no more re-keying data! The SOA and ROA are also the most client friendly documents I have found and the feedback from clients has been excellent. I highly recommend DASH.”

Stuart Roe, Roe Financial

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