Harness the power of digitalisation to increase member engagement with our comprehensive suite of solutions.

From digital advice to client portals, we equip you with the tools necessary to connect with your clients in a more meaningful and convenient manner.

A glimpse into the digital advice journey with DASH

Imagine a comprehensive digital advice solution that seamlessly guides clients through their financial journey, from the moment they visit your website to the various engaging experiences they encounter.

Here's what the journey looks like:

Client-centric experience

We prioritise the client experience right from the start. Our solution begins by creating a user-friendly website that captures clients' attention and guides them through their financial planning process.

We ensure every step is intuitive and engaging, fostering a positive relationship between you and your clients.

Customised architectural solution

Our team designs an architectural solution that aligns seamlessly with your unique needs. This solution is fully customisable and configured to integrate your Approved Product List (APL) and business rules.

The result is a powerful and flexible system that caters to your specific requirements and enhances efficiency.

Single or multi-goal journeys

Whether your clients have individual goals, represent entities, or manage Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs), our digital advice solution caters to their needs. We create single or multi-goal journeys that address diverse financial objectives, ensuring a personalised experience that resonates with each client.

Comprehensive financial tools

Our solution features a range of powerful financial planning tools designed to empower your clients. From public-facing advice calculators to retirement planning tools, risk profiling assessments, insurance calculators, savings estimators, and "how much can I borrow" calculators, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools that enhance client engagement and enable informed decision-making.

Experience the DASH difference

At DASH, we're committed to transforming your client engagement and digital advice capabilities. Our tailored solutions and advanced tools empower clients to navigate the financial landscape with confidence.

Embark on a journey to increased client engagement and discover the power of our digital advice solution.

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Hear from your peers

"With DASH we’re able to move very quickly and ensure every portfolio is optimised across a large client base. It’s orderly, process-driven and was made easy to implement through professional support."

Keith Bensley, Future Assist

"DASH enables us to manage our clients’ portfolios in a systemised way. It reduces implementation time because we don’t have to trade manually any more, it’s all automatic. Nothing is ad hoc, and everything is on one system."

Steve Woodford, Frontier Financial Group

"DASH's managed account and SMSF solutions have helped us deliver best outcomes for our low and high balance clients."

Nigel Baker, Arch Capital

"Thanks to the DASH team for creating such great products. They were able to swiftly use our API for life insurance product comparisons and create a useful web application in no time - these are software developers you can count on."

Trishanth Chandrahasan - CSO

“I found DASH after trying many different software solutions, which all were trying to be ‘the one’ solution. DASH has been great as I can connect the software I need and build the advice software which works for me. The support has been excellent and the fact that I can import my Astute Wheel data straight into DASH to then use in the SOA and ROA has saved me significant amounts of time per client, as no more re-keying data! The SOA and ROA are also the most client friendly documents I have found and the feedback from clients has been excellent. I highly recommend DASH.”

Stuart Roe, Roe Financial

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