Centralising Template Management

Staple allows you to centrally manage multiple templates. Make changes once and have those changes automatically applied across the library of linked templates.

This centrally managed solution reduces both the admin effort and compliance risks associated with manually updating multiple documents while greatly improving quality control.

Benefits of Staple

Reduce Cost - Document Modularisation
  • Make a required change once and that change will automatically be applied to all linked templates, significantly streamlining document maintenance.

Improve Quality Control and Document Control
  • CustomiseImprove document control and quality by centrally managing all your documents and templates within Staple.

Efficient Workflows & Reporting
  • Be efficient and transparent with your document development with Staple's fully featured issue tracker, custom workflows and audit reporting capabilities.

How some of Our Clients have used Staple

Use Staple manages multiple document advantage
Advantage 1

One of our big 4 bank clients use Staple to centrally manage Advice Document templates (SoA, RoA, Review SoA, FDS, Portfolio reports) for their various advice technology solutions including XPLAN, COIN, Midwinter and in-house bespoke financial planning solution.

Advantage 2

Staple allows the dealer group to manage multiple advice templates cost effectively without requiring a large team to maintain all the different templates. The change management process is simple with updates to the templates implemented quickly and tracked through detailed reporting.

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