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Creating differentiation from your competitors, and adding more value to your clients can be expensive and time-consuming. You may have built tools inside of MS Excel, but haven't figured out how you can share it with more people in a scalable and secure manner.

Introducing Highlighter - convert your Excel ideas into powerful interactive online tools you can share on all devices - mobile, tablets, and desktop. No need for expensive developers to build or maintain your creation. Trusted by large and small financial organisations to create financial calculators, fact finds, modelling tools, quotes, and lots more.

Benefits of Highlighter

Control and manage your own tools
  • Perform all your updates and enhancements in your excel tool as normal.
  • No need for any coding developers and web developer, removing errors caused by business requirements being misunderstood.

Affordable Cost Effective Solution
  • Converting excel tools to website applications at a fraction of typical development costs.
  • Ongoing maintenance costs can be up to 95% cheaper than comparable solutions.

Engaging tools for clients via website
  • Differentiate your business and improve your client's experience by giving them intuitive, professional applications, forms and tools that are linked to your website or advice software.

Powerful Innovative Solution
  • Integrates with your existing business systems via CSV / JSON
  • Produce Reports in PDF, Word, Excel, and
  • Powerpoint
  • Sends notification and triggered emails

Rapid Development Process
  • Simply upload your excel tool into Highlighter
  • The tool is now ready to use instantly on the website
  • Check out and start using the tool on the website

Protect intellectual property
  • Protects your intellectual property as coding and formulas are not visible or accessible to edit.

A Touch of Genius - Highlighter

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How Highlighter converts Excel to a Web App

As simple as using a highlighter pen, just highlight cells in MS Excel and these become features within your Web App. No need for expensive developers - if you can use MS Excel, you can build your own Web App!


How some of our clients have used Highlighter

What Customer Said:

This is a true game-changer in understanding your wealth's potential and taking important lifestyle decisions .... Special thanks to Piew Yap and the team at YTML Group who provided the infrastructure solution

Thaxter - Senior Partner

Sovereignty by Sovereign Wealth Partners

Sovereignty is a free online financial projector. This planning app walks a user through the key life and financial decisions in order to create their own financial plan and outputs an in-depth, actionable PDF report. The tool creates immense value for all kinds of end-clients, and generates in-depth new leads for the Financial Adviser.

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What Customer Said:

Thanks so much to the YTML team - in particular Piew & Sherry for the fantastic work they did on building our quoting tool. The turnaround and end product was excellent and represented great value for money.

Suzanne Caldwell - General Manager


BidFin is a Fintech business that offers Integrated payment solutions for the IT supply chain. Using Highlighter, BidFin built a variety of online financial tools that help businesses calculate payments on different terms. The tools assist businesses and generates new customer leads for BidFin.

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What Customer Said:

Thanks to the YTML team for creating such a great product in Highlighter. They were able to swiftly use our API for life insurance product comparisons and create a useful web application in no time - these are software developers you can count on

Trishanth Chandrahasan - CSO


Omnium have used Highlighter to create a risk quoting tool. The customer questions cover Life Insurance, TPD (Total and Permanent Disability Insurance), Trauma Insurance, Income Protection, and Business Expenses Insurance. The quoting tool creates immediate value to the customer, and new leads for Omnium.

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