How we deliver this together

  • Next generation platform tech driving efficiencies and practice growth
  • On HIN / CMA for greater transparency and legal ownership
  • Managed Accounts efficiency with best interest duty
  • Nimble partnership – #1 for adviser support and investment options

"Now we are liberated to grow our business while delivering more to existing clients."

Case study with Michael Rees-Evans
Director I Financial Adviser

We were looking for a nimble, non-bank-aligned MDA partner to help us improve client service, simplify our business and increase efficiency.

We had been using multi-platforms in our business which limited our ability to implement investment committee decisions on a timely basis. Significant time was spent modelling changes, sending ROAs, then implementing once approved.

DASH ticked all the boxes and compared favorably to other options in the market, with their single platform portfolio management and discretionary account solution.

Since partnering with DASH our business signifcantly improved the timeliness and consistency of our service, freeing us up from portfolio management and enabling more time on advice, personal service and helping more people.

Reducing administration fees while getting more timely implementation is a win for our clients, without the loss of our personal approach.

Now we are liberated to grow our business while delivering more to existing clients by refocusing on conversations around achieving their unmet aspirations.

Our business has grown by accepting more client referrals without sacrificing the provision of more timely service to existing clients…..with the same staff complement.

  • Lack of efficiency and consistency
  • Uncompetitive pricing of incumbent platforms
  • Complexity of using multi platforms
  • Lack of timely investment implementation
  • Seeking MDA optionality without conflicts
  • DASH serves as a sinlge portfolio management platform for both super and non-super accounts, with MDA optionality
  • Better, more consistent client outcomes
  • Reduced administration fees
  • Practice growth and scalability
  • Increased profitability through far greater efficiency
  • Improved client experience
  • Nimble partnership which supports growth and improved client service

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