How we deliver this together

  • Nimble partnership for adviser support, efficiency and scalability
  • Customer led technology driving advisers and client efficiencies
  • Managed accounts efficiency with best interest duty
  • On HIN/ CMA for greater transparency and legal ownership
  • Unconflicted tech – we have no investment products
  • No hidden fees – we don’t have fees on your clients’ cash

"We now have greater access and flexibility to choose the managed funds we want to use."

We came across DASH when we were looking for a new and dynamic wealth management platform/service for our clients. The other providers were beginning to show their age and weren’t providing product updates as we would have hoped.

We were using older institutional systems to run investment portfolios which increased our admin burden and changes. They were time consuming and managed at an individual client level.

After some frustration with an alternative provider, we investigated DASH and found a much more welcoming and user-friendly experience. 

We were open minded and had no set ideas other than we needed a platform solution that could help us reduce admin, increase efficiencies and offer access to the managed account we wanted to use.

We liked DASH’s competitive advantage, they offered us the outcome we were looking for with efficiency, pricing, timely changes and updates, plus they had the tech to allow broad access to the marketplace.

They offered everything that the other larger competitors did but they were also agnostic and institutionally nonaligned. They were very flexible and open to supporting us by putting what funds wanted to put on the platform.

The transparency of the platform and speed that new and transformative updates occur really makes this a market leading solution.

Since then we have been early adopters in Western Australia and have had great feedback from our clients. We’ve found this to be a useful solution for all of our Financial Advisers when it comes to providing outstanding client outcomes.

Dan Hewitt
Director I Financial Adviser, Financial Framework

  • Accessing to the right managers
  • Model portfolio administration burden
  • Competitors institutional alignment
  • Lack of efficiency and flexibility
  • Time consuming systems
  • Control of pricing
  • Super Simplifier
  • UXchange
  • Greater access to investment universe
  • Full flexibility and choice on managed funds
  • Ability to operate model portfolios and managed accounts efficiently
  • Ability to run models at bulk level, not individual
  • Relationship fee discounting
  • Full transparency and updates on models
  • Great tech with the client and adviser app

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